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High-Speed USB2.0 Control Modul
Quick USB Module USB20D

The Easy-to-Use Hi-Speed USB2.0 Module

The quickest way to add high-speed USB 2.0 to your product is with USB20D.  Since all the USB functionality is in the USB20D module, you don't need to learn USB to add a high-speed USB 2.0 interface to your product.  Simply connect your product to the USB20D target interface ports then call the USB20D Library functions to communicate with your product. USB20D is based on the Cypress CY7C68013A-56AXC EZ-USB FX2LP microcontroller.


Quick USB2.0 Module

USB20D is different from most of the other lower cost USB modules because it is optimized for high-speed data transfers while also offering multiple IC interfaces and user programmable I/O.  USB20D can transfer data at speeds up to 12MB/sec with older PCI based USB host controllers and speeds of at least 30MB/sec with modern chipset based USB host controllers.

The USB20D Library is included with all USB20D products and includes a driver,  interface DLL, example programs and is available for Windows.  The USB20D Library also comes with a variety of examples that work right after installation.  The Windows version DLL can be called by practically any programming language.

 If you need the power of an FPGA to get the job done, or first time buyers should also purchase a USB20D FPGA Demo Board to easily connect your circuits and test equipment to the USB20D module.

If you're building your own circuit board, we offer a USB20D Connector Kit for your convenience.

Design Support Services from the Makers of USB20D

If you are having trouble getting your design to work properly, then try the free DATAIE Extended Support Service (DESS). DESS gives you direct access to the
Xi’an DATAIE Electronic Co. ,Ltd. engineering staff.  We have the hardware and software expertise to help solve those technical problems that sometimes come up. 

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