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Embedded USB Flash Disk Read/Write Module

The USB118AD series embedded USB Flash Disk Read/Write module is designed to control the USB Flash Disk or USB Portable Mass Storage Disk without the computer’s USB host interface port.
The USB118AD is an Embedded USB Host/Slave Controller capable of communicate with either full-speed or low-speed USB peripherals. The USB118AD can interface to devices such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSPs, or directly to a variety of buses such as ISA, PCMCIA, and others. The USB118AD is full compatible with the USB Specification V1.1 and V2.0.
With embedded USB host USB118AD, you can write data directly from a embedded system to a USB flash drive or read a file from a USB flash drive to a embedded system without having to use a personal computer. This makes the direct exchange of data between the portable instrument and the USB flash disk practical.

◆ Create a new file directly on the USB flash disk. The file can be identified on the PC system..
◆ Read from the existing file on the standard USB flash disk.
◆ Write to the existing file on the standard USB flash disk.
◆ Support FAT16/FAT32 file system.
◆ Standard interface with RS232 interface (TTL Level) or SPI interface (4 wires).
◆ Set RS232 Baud Rate 9600bps,57600bps or 115200bps. SPI active speed up to 2Mbps.
◆ Supply 10 RISC instructions.
◆ Embeded in the user's system directly.
◆ SMT designing, small-size module, 52mm x 43mm x 12mm.
◆ Power supply 5VDC,40mA(not include the USB Disk).
◆ Operating temperature 0 ~ +70℃.

◆ Check the states of the USB Flash Disk.
◆ Creat files and directory.
◆ Open a created file and directory.
◆ Access to specified position and length data from a file.
◆ Write data to a specified file's pointer.
◆ List the files and directories.
◆ Delete the file or directory.
◆ Inquire the capability of the USB Flash Disk.

The USB118AD are already widely used in the field of Blackbox, data logger instruments, CNC systems, digital consumer products etc.

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