ISM Module
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USB Module
Quick USB Module USB20D
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High-Speed USB2.0 Control Modul
High-Speed USB2.0 Control Module USB20D

    It is a modularized design of PnP controller module with advanced technology and may be employed as an embedded device.
   With the USB2.0 embedded controller board elaborately designed by Xi’an DATAIE electronic corporation, you may reach your goal of designing a USB-based product in brand-new easy method. The only entry knowledge demand would be some ABCs about digital circuits and R/W controlling principles exempt from handing complicated USB protocols at the bottom level.
Readily available are technological datasheets, circuit principle diagrams, programming handbook, drivers and DLLs to ensure quick start without professional know-how requirement.
   With USB2.0 Module, you may quickly develop USB-based data acquisition system, USB logical analyzers, USB digital oscilloscopes and other industrial USB controlling products.
Owing to technology advance, ISA slots have disappeared from desktop PCs. ISA-based controlling cards become unworkable, however, you don’t have to discard them since a USB interface controlling board may directly convert ISA cards into USB ones.
   USB interface has a great number of advantages with splendid prospects, as an electronic product designer, are you ready to perform your talent?
   Perhaps you have tried before different USB solutions in product design with faulty results. Above all, you could have been faced with lots of unfamiliar knowledge, such as creating driver, trivial controlling mechanism, requirement in understanding the details of USB criteria and inefficient development methodology, etc. As a result, you have spent lots of valuable time, money and energy on a frustrating outcome. Isn’t it an agony?
    It is different now – you have a new option. You no longer need to worry about those trivial processes or understanding the details of USB criteria and programming, which would seem endlessly tedious, neither do you have to write any driver! The only entry knowledge requirement would be: programming an MCU and programming in VB or more preferably VC or Delphi. Now, everything is ready for you to finish a design of a USB interfaced product within just a few days. It’s so easy, indeed.
USB20D Features:
◆ USB 2.0 and 1.1 Compatible: High-Speed (480Mbps) and Full-Speed (12Mbps)
◆ SMT's technology ,Low system  loss ,The supermini size modularization is designed , no need extern power
◆ Four integrated FIFOs, Master or slave operation; Easy interface to CPLD/FPGA  and  DSP/MCU IC
◆ The simply data bus ,direct connection to most parallel 8/16bits interfaces, data transfer rates up to 30MBytes per second
◆ Two operation Mode: DMA and general I/Os
◆ 14 special control purpose I/Os: 5 address and 9 DMA controls
◆ 48MHz / 30MHz  clock output
◆ Software : USB driver ,DLL, do not need to write any USB driver
◆ 5V max 0.1A output
◆ Dimensions 56x34mm (2.3x1.4 inch)

USB20D Photo:

HighSpeed USB

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